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iatrico in brief

Iatrico is the very first Cypriot EMR system that was developed to offer a variety of advantages for every doctor who seeks out the best.

Since we were able to keep up with all the latest technologies and bring innovative ideas to the table, we then managed to provide this kind of service. Find a secure place to save all your data without worrying that you might lose it.

Flexibility is also something that we wanted to offer to our customers. Iatrico goes
wherever you go since you no longer need to be at your office. Your office is
with you wherever you are.

 Powerful, Simple & Affordable. That’s how we would describe iatrico in 3 words. 

Get organized

Increase productivity by minimizing the time spend on administrative tasks. Focus on your practice by using our Powerful Appointment Scheduler and Comprehensive Financial, Report, and Analysis tools.

Medical records

View visit history timeline, patient billing, images and files.

Powerful treatment planning with cost and time estimates, flexible appointment planning.


Iatrico is more affordable than most of the traditional Practice Management Systems whilst being a more flexible solution. It is offered through monthly subscriptions limiting initial cost to the minimum. It has no licensing scheme, so you can use it on any number of computers.

Manage on the go

Any where. Any time. Any device. Always secure.

You no longer need to be at your office. Your office is with you wherever you are.



Quick overview of statistical data at a glance using the dashboard.


Create appointments for new or existing patients. Quickly navigate from an appointment to a patient card or a treatment plan.


Manage patients’ medical data quickly and easily with an extensive electronic health record.


Record general expenses of the office and monitor your cashflow.

Great Key Features Anywhere. Any time. Any device. Always secure.


Take a quick look at the numbers relating to your work performance and other important statistical data. Through our Dashboard, you will have the opportunity to make an accurate comparison and find possible ways to improve your skills over the years.    

  • Financials by month
  • Financials by year
  • Appointments by year
  • Appointments by duration
  • Patients by age


Don’t get lost in the incalculable amount of information. Organize your patients’ appointments and treatment plans just the way you want them in this calendar that we provide you with.

  • Connection with patient's card
  • Personalized
  • Automatic reminders
  • Recurring appointments
  • To-do list
  • Waiting room


Every patient is unique, just like their medical history. Keep this kind of information in a safe place and reach out to it when it’s time for the appointment. Our extensive patient’s cart includes various tools that will help you with your daily tasks.

  • Powerful search
  • Patient details preview
  • Communicate with your patients
  • Full patient's card
  • Financial account
  • Full history
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