We can only imagine how hard it is for you to have so many notes of your sessions written down.  Be careful not to get lost in them!  Among other things, iatrico is specialised in keeping the history of every session that you had.  Those notes can be life-saving.

Platform Features

We’ve got you covered.  Iatrico offers a variety of features that make your daily tasks much less complicated.  We are here to help you focus on the most important and challenging parts of your career! 

Session Notes

Keep track of your previous sessions as you read the older notes.  Write the new ones down and check on them when you need to.

Patient Management

Be able to navigate through your patients’ previous visits,  history timeline and prescriptions. 


Contact your patients through SMS and/or email, via adhoc or automatically, to remind them for their future appointments.  

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Fair & Transparent Pricing

Create an account in just a few seconds and enjoy using Iatrico free for 30 days. Before your trial comes to an end, you will be notified to add your billing details to continue your subscription. You’ll be billed according to the package you selected when creating the demo.

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