We cover a variety of medical specialties that trust us to provide them with our reliable managing systems. 

General Practitioner

Prevention is the best medicine! That's why many general practitioners believe in the power of iatrico, as their struggling routine demands a perfect organisation.


It is well known that the dentists, here in iatrico, can depend on our very helpful tooth charts tools that we provide them with. That's how they manage to get through their very challenging appointments.

Plastic Surgeon

Now this is a very demanding specialty. Plastic surgeons must keep their medical data protected and updated all the time. We know how to do it well!


Mental health should be a priority for everyone. Psychologists who have faith in iatrico, receive the best help to organize their appointments properly.

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Fair & Transparent Pricing

Create an account in just a few seconds and enjoy using Iatrico free for 30 days. Before your trial comes to an end, you will be notified to add your billing details to continue your subscription. You’ll be billed according to the package you selected when creating the demo.

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