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Powerful, Simple & Affordable Practise Management System

What we do best is keep your routine organised.  With our managing system, you have access to your calendars, daily goals and patient’s medical histories. 

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What is Iatrico

Iatrico is a powerful, easy-to-use, cloud based, practice management system (PMS) and electronic medical record (EMR), that helps individuals or clinics practices grow and succeed.  

Organisation is the key and that’s what we succeed in offering. 



Manage patients’ medical data quickly and easily with an extensive patient’s card.


Create appointments for new or existing patients. Quickly navigate from an appointment to a patient card or a treatment plan.


Dashboard view of patient’s financials Generate invoices (per procedure or multiple...


Send SMS and/or email notifications to patients either ad hoc or automatically regarding their appointments. 

Reports & Statistics

Quick overview of your statistical data from the dashboard and get detailed and in-depth information with...

Why Choose iatrico?

Transparency and Reliability.  That’s how we would describe iatrico. 

We are always here for the people who trust us the most.  We know how to provide the best Electronic Medical Record Services.

Secure & Safe

Your records are safe with us. We are adopting the latest standards in securing and encrypting your data on the cloud. Also, daily, multiple location backup processes are in place to ensure no-data loss.


It's not confusing nor complicated. Iatrico was built to be user friendly, so it can help you manage your daily life tasks. No need to worry about that.

Unlimited Free Support

We provide you with unlimited free support.  Every time you come across with a problem, you can give us a call, send us an email or text us through the app-chat.  It is cost-free!

Secure & Safe

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Start Your 30-Day Trial Today!

Create an account in just a few seconds and enjoy using Iatrico free for 30 days. Before your trial comes to an end, you will be notified to add your billing details to continue your subscription. You’ll be billed according to the package you selected when creating the demo.

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